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Some New Psalm Versions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Rowland S. Ward   
Thursday, 20 January 2011 09:56

Knox PCEA uses

The Complete Book of Psalms for Singing with Study Notes

[1991, second printing 1994; 368 pages, full music, hardbound.] ĎThis is beyond doubt quite the finest English language Psalter I have ever seen. The language is both majestic and modern; the words are Scriptural and simple; the tunes are nearly all very well known. This book merits a very wide circulation in the interests of true ecumenism.í - Rev Dr F.Nigel Lee, Brisbane which can be obtained from the church.

From time to time additional fresh translations will be added here. Readers are invited to submit suggestions to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Psalm 116

This version of Psalm 116 was written by Rowland Ward January 2011 and revised December 2012

Metre: Tune: Londonderry Air

1† I love the LORD because he hears my pleading.

2† Heís heeded me; through life Iíll call on him.

3† The cords of death and Sheolís terrors bound me;

in deep distress I grief and trouble found.

4† Then I cried out, I called upon the LORDís name:

ďYou I implore, O LORD, deliver me.Ē

5† The LORD our God is kind and good and gracious;

6† the simple trusting ones the LORD keeps safe and sound.

When I was low, to me he gave salvation.

7† Return again my soul unto your rest,

because the LORD has lavished good upon you,

8† because my helpless soul you brought from death.

You saved my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling.

9† Before the LORD Iíll walk in lands of life.

10† I trusted you in time of great affliction;

11† and so I recognised all human help must fail.

12† For all the benefits he's poured upon me

how can I give thanks to the LORD above?

13† Salvationís cup Iíll lift up in the LORDís name;

14† vows to the LORD before his people pay.

15† Indeed the LORD cares much for all the faithful,

their death is not a small thing in his eyes.

16† I am your servant, LORD, your loyal servant;

your handmaidís son, whose bonds you broke and set me free.

17† So I a sacrifice will bring before you -

an offering of thanks for what you've done;

the LORD's most holy name I will acknowledge:

and openly proclaim his worthiness.

18† Unto the LORD Iíll keep my solemn promise,

before the faithful ones Iíll give my pledge,

19 there in the courts of GODís own holy dwelling,

there in Jerusalem. O praise the GOD of grace!

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