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Files for SATB four part harmonies

Here, inside the zip files you will find for each tune a midi file for each part. This is work in progress, we don't yet have all the tunes created as midi files but will upload them as we complete them. If there is demand then we will consider also doing mp3 files of these parts.

Note that titles with an asterix * preceding them have a pdf file included in the zip package of the musical score separated out into each of the four parts.


SATB For All Melodies
0 (164.75 kB)
Soprano For All Melodies
1 (95.96 kB)
Alto For All Melodies
2 (92.42 kB)
Tenor For All Melodies
3 (93.48 kB)
Bass For All Melodies
4 (94.82 kB)
Source Files For All Melodies
Ps 1A St Petersburg (88.88.88)
Ps 1B Tallis (CM)
tallis (2.58 kB)
Ps 2 St Georges Windsor (77.77.D)
Ps 3 Martyrdom (CM)
Ps 4 Crimond (CM)
crimond (2.93 kB)
Ps 5 Hollingside (
Ps 6 Melita (88.88.88)
Ps 7 Ellers (
Ps 8A Yorkshire [Stockport] (
Ps 8B Gainsborough (CM)
Ps 9A St Stephen [Abridge] (CM)
Ps 9B St Denio [Joanna] (
Ps 9B Montgomery (
Ps 10 Eventide (
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